Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Compensation Lawyers can often be viewed by the legal profession and the public as “ambulance chasers” and are often not regarded with the same attitude and respect as say a large city commercial firm.

At Thurlows Compensation Lawyers we regard this as an absolute misconception.

At Thurlows Compensation Lawyers we take the view that compensation claims are one of the most important areas of the law. The reason for this is as follows:

  1. When you receive compensation it is not money for nothing. You are being compensated for the damage that someone else has done to you be it intentionally, unintentionally or negligently. What is important is that the act of having to pay compensation makes people accountable for what they do. Clearly they often have the benefit of insurance however generally the act of paying compensation over time has the effect of making changes to the way we do things.

By way of an example many years ago one of the large supermarket chains appeared to have a policy that it was cheaper to have the night shift stack the shelves and when the night shift finished if the job was not completed the boxes were simply left in the aisles. People were repeatedly falling over the boxes and injuring themselves yet notwithstanding that the supermarket chain continued with the policy.

As the number of claims and payouts were made, the policy was changed and so to the injuries stopped. Similarly changes have been made in numerous other areas as a result of compensation cases. Workplace safety, road construction design, motor vehicle design are all examples of improvements that have been made to our day to day lives as the result of compensation claims making the entity responsible and taking responsibility for their actions and if their actions are not appropriate paying compensation.

Client Testimonials
Mr E.H - 9/08/2012
I am forever indebted to Thurlows Compensation Lawyers. Following a traumatic workplace injury I consulted some compensation lawyers and assumed what was being done was correct...
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Mrs S. N - 2/05/2012
Thurlow’s have been fantastic to me. My case was being handled by another compensation practice. I had no idea what was going on, how long it would take or what I might recover.....
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Mrs V. S - 27/02/2012
I was referred to Thurlows Compensation Lawyers by a friend. They were incredibly helpful and at the first consultation set out for me the procedure that would be followed, how long it would take and the likely result....
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