The Workers Compensation Claim...

Claims Process

When an injury occurs in the workplace, you should notify your employer as soon as possible. Your employer should record the accident in the register of injuries. Where possible, you should also get your treating doctor to fill out a medical report, detailing your injuries.

The steps involved in a claim normally include:

  1. Notifying the employer of your injury
  2. Recording the injury in the Register of Injuries
  3. Obtaining a WorkCover medical certificate from the treating doctor or hospital
  4. Notifying the relevant insurer of the injury
  5. Providing evidence to the insurer

Once these steps are complete, you should start to receive provisional payments within 7 days of the notification of injury. Claims are not always accepted. Sometimes, for example if there is insufficient information to determine liability, your claim may not be accepted and provisional payments will not begin.

We know how important it is, if injured, for you to receive compensation as soon as possible. You may not be able to work, or carry out important tasks around the house. To ensure that you provide the appropriate evidence to support your claim, we recommend that you seek the advice of one of our compensation experts immediately.

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Client Testimonials
Mr E.H - 9/08/2012
I am forever indebted to Thurlows Compensation Lawyers. Following a traumatic workplace injury I consulted some compensation lawyers and assumed what was being done was correct...
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Mrs S. N - 2/05/2012
Thurlow’s have been fantastic to me. My case was being handled by another compensation practice. I had no idea what was going on, how long it would take or what I might recover.....
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Mrs V. S - 27/02/2012
I was referred to Thurlows Compensation Lawyers by a friend. They were incredibly helpful and at the first consultation set out for me the procedure that would be followed, how long it would take and the likely result....
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